Important Elements of Web Design – Part 2

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Deepak Tiwari

I am associated with CYBERMOUNT Solutions as the Director of Strategic Marketing in IT. My role includes business expansions & testing new industry verticals associated with IT domain. I have an experience of 5 years in international marketing for various business organizations & currently I am working as an entrepreneur in the IT segment. Besides working on strategic alliances & partnerships, I also work as an independent author/writer pouring my thoughts on future technology adoptions on web design & development.

Continuing with our previous part of ‘Important elements of web design – Part1’, we would now point out the other vital points required to make an effective web design. These points are mentioned below.


These days there are a number of layouts available for websites and there are so many website design companies in India working extensively on this. The most important thing to note is that your webpage layout has to be spic and span in terms of usability for the online visitors, and this is what, which will make the entire website user friendly.

For a well defined layout, an effective development company properly examines the allotment of items on the webpage and its probability of getting viewed by the online consumer. The layout’s readability spectrum, analysis and its screen adaptation is examined along with the scrolling coziness. The layout has to be in sync with the screen size as well which is 800×600 or larger these days.

Developing a layout template is also a good option as it maintains the consistency of the entire website which in turn increases the online visitor engagement. Apart from this, you also have to decide that which elements/parts shall be infused in your layout. This comprises of navigational elements, headers, titles or other design features. Thereafter you can decide to put which element at which place to elevate effectiveness.


After a customer lands on your website, it’s very important that the visitor should be able get a cozy walkthrough of your website by just some simple clicks, and this is what many website design companies in India are doing it time and again. This is what we call as ‘NAVIGATION’.

There are some special points on which the navigation has to be focused.

  • The drop down menus has to be smooth and very clear.
  • If it’s an eCommerce web store than there should be appropriate words as where to shop, buy, make a purchase etc.
  • The point of contact sections have to be very clear and visible like the contact page, query or any other application.

As you are designing your website, you have to make a blue print of the entire navigation beforehand so that there are no loopholes left. Today every web development company first makes an appropriate ‘Navigation Chart/Tree’ before implementing it on a live project.

There are a series of navigational designs which can be implemented for raising the effectiveness of web design. Some of them are:

  • Left hand navigation
  • Top navigation
  • Combination of left hand and top navigation.



Gone are those days when there was a phase of over attractive themes, flashy colors etc. Today the website design companies in India are abiding by the standardized simplistic principles, wherein the entire website is made very simple, smooth and yet the appeal is being maintained. This is the need of the hour……….Truly said “Simple yet Strong”


Take an example of any website today; if there is a void of effective touch points in a website, it greatly impacts the engagement phase. This is what any online development company would do to satisfy the client as well as the online audience. To hold your online audience a little longer, you can successfully implement the blog zone, forums, RSS feeds, news etc. The list goes on and on.


An effective web design has to be available wherever needed. Be it a desktop or a lappy, tablet or an iphone, you have to make sure that your website is up and running on every platform. This also constitutes the cross browser compatibility. Other than this design 404 error pages to redirect quickly so that there is not a single point of irritation for the online audience.


Try it by yourself, you go to particular site and it’s taking roughly 10 to 12 seconds to load…………how would you feel? That’s a major concern these days with an effective website. You need to have a clean website design which is effectively coded and takes less than 2 seconds to load. That’s how you will become a differentiator in this competitive market and generate traffic with positive inclination.


Last but not the least, an effective content is what everybody is speaking about. Always remember that nobody is patient enough to read your epic literatures. Indeed you need to infuse a content which disseminates the information appropriately, is objective specific and also crisp and clear.

The content should also have its logical reasoning which will prove its worth in front of the online visitor and thus fetch more engagement and of course conversions.