McAfee SECURE Services – A Product Review

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Rajdeep Singh

I am associated with CYBERMOUNT Solutions as the Managing Director of the company. My role includes checking the current levels of demand and supply in the online market with respect to web design and development services. I have been working as an entrepreneur in the fields of manufacturing and IT for past 12 years. My current objective is to set the CYBERMOUNT brand on global platform. Besides this, I am also working as an independent author/writer in the context of current online services available in the market.

There are many security services available in the market; however nothing competes more McAfee SECURE Services. These services are tremendously helpful in making the online shopping mode a lot more secure and reliable. This in turn has added to an increase in confidence for 87% of the online shoppers.

The following article is basically a review on McAfee SECURE Services for websites which entails its specialty along with the key features and the technologies involved.

It is well known that with the McAfee SECURE Service a website is daily scanned for over 45000 vulnerabilities safeguarding it from any potential risks that may prove harmful for a particular business vertical. McAfee is well known to be one of the largest security companies in world which functions on smooth and viable platforms.

If any merchant is certified with the McAfee SECURE Service, he/she can display the McAfee SECURE trust mark. There are some key points which are always one of the main objectives for McAfee SECURE services.

The Key Objectives…

  • Trust: McAfee always progresses further to build the consumer trust with respect to the security solutions. These security solutions are able to provide a viable platform gaining trust of the consumers.
  • Security Improvisation: As mentioned before McAfee SECURE Service includes a mandatory scanning of more than 45000 vulnerabilities that might put a particular business vertical at risk. It is because of this concern McAfee SECURE Service eyes at improvising the security standards, thus providing a more secured platform.
  • PCI Compliant Service: This service called as McAfee PCI certification service is basically a part of McAfee SECURE Service, where the online consumers/merchants are able to use some specific tools for PCI compliance.

The Key Specialties – Features

  • A mandatory scanning of plus 45000 vulnerabilities is performed daily for the website making it more and more secure.
  • A perfect reporting structure is maintained by McAfee SECURE Service where if any vulnerability is notified, that is taken care of by the technical support teams.
  •  The other most important feature here is the McAfee SECURE trust mark which is able to grow confidence within online consumers who are trying to make an online purchase; that the McAfee Security providers are with them with full support and security.
  • You can also leverage the exposure being associated with the McAfee SECURE Services as your website is entered inside the Certified McAfee SECURE merchant directory, which is basically being viewed for so many times in a day.

The Technical Specialties

  • The vulnerability management system provided by McAfee SECURE Service provides an authentic platform to counter any threats affecting the business vertical.
  • McAfee has deployed a network of scanners in multiple data centers across the world to perform daily security audits for hundreds and thousands of clients all over the globe.
  • McAfee follows and provides a viable security enabled web based platform that provides its clients a fill fledged system to access their website security at any part of the world.
  • The customer data is well protected under highly secure Tier One data centers with the help of SAS-70 security certification with 24/7 onsite guards and a biometric access control.

McAfee SECURE Service is highly responsive and proactive for its clients offering an unlimited online support 24/7 from the elite security experts.