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Deepak Tiwari

I am associated with CYBERMOUNT Solutions as the Director of Strategic Marketing in IT. My role includes business expansions & testing new industry verticals associated with IT domain. I have an experience of 5 years in international marketing for various business organizations & currently I am working as an entrepreneur in the IT segment. Besides working on strategic alliances & partnerships, I also work as an independent author/writer pouring my thoughts on future technology adoptions on web design & development.

In this dynamic world of web designing, each and every company is trying to mark its own feat by bringing uniqueness and appeal. And to remain competitive in this competitive world of web design, one has to follow the latest trends.

The following article is based upon collective factual information and the current trends which are being followed in the context of the latest and current web design trends that may become a hit for the year 2013.

Following are some of the notable points that would be noticed in the upcoming web design trends of 2013. These are as follows…….



‘Getting Responsive’ is the need of the hour today. If we have a look on the internet model, we see that the adoption of various other internet enabled devices like tablets and smart phones, the internet usage is going to go up and up exponentially. And this automatically calls Responsive Designs.



Today majority of the significant websites are going for fixed header bars and Face Book is one such example from those websites. This actually eases up the navigation process by letting the online customer move to any other section without taking the pain of any scrolling.



Content is the king today, and indeed this has become an imperative statement which is also applied for the web designs. If a clear, meaningful and crisp content is applied and displayed along with the correct theme, font and placement on the page, it can really create magic by bringing an enormous online traffic.


The usage of flat colors is becoming quite trendy these days. The color heaviness and sharpness is pretty much controlled now days with almost no usage of any heavy backgrounds or gradients. Today, the usage of simple, basic and plain colors is in fashion with no more special effects.


Large photo background or banner based websites are much in demand these days as these big banners give an overview of any business vertical along with the appeal factor. Now this creates an anxiety for the online customer to go for the inner pages and explore more.


The usage of typography is pretty much the same as the full banner size photo website. This typography is also much in fashion as this also gives a clear overview about the company and also creates an anxiety for the online client. But you have to keep a cautious check that the correct typography is applied on the right content and is placed at right area.