Top 5 Open source Ecommerce Platforms

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Deepak Tiwari

I am associated with CYBERMOUNT Solutions as the Director of Strategic Marketing in IT. My role includes business expansions & testing new industry verticals associated with IT domain. I have an experience of 5 years in international marketing for various business organizations & currently I am working as an entrepreneur in the IT segment. Besides working on strategic alliances & partnerships, I also work as an independent author/writer pouring my thoughts on future technology adoptions on web design & development.

Whenever you looking to set up an online store, you have to consider such a platform which completes all your basic requirements, and for this purpose an Open Source Ecommerce platform is considered as most suitable. When it comes to choosing Open Source Ecommerce platforms, there numerous options available in the market.

This article majorly focuses on the top 5 open source ecommerce platforms available on which you can capitalize further and complete your business objectives. These platforms are as follows:



OpenCart is an open source online shopping cart based on PHP. It is an effective and robust ecommerce shopping cart solution for internet entrepreneurs and merchants that allows you to create a quick and easy online store to sell your goods/services online smoothly.

OpenCart is a turn-key ready shopping cart solution which has a designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and a visually appealing interface.

This platform allows every online merchant to go online with their required eCommerce solution and selling their products/services online accordingly.  Since open cart is search engine friendly, you can easily optimize your business and maximize your potential customers with an increased number of sales.


Magento is a software application which is written in PHP and is closely integrated with Zend framework. Magento is a feature-rich, open-source, enterprise class e-commerce platform offering a wide range of functionalities for small businesses and large enterprises. This platform is able to effectively build and manage their online stores.

Although quite new, Magento offers companies the ultimate eCommerce platform. This platform has turned out to be a perfect framework for many customers. Magento contains powerful marketing, merchandising and content management tools giving companies the power to create such websites that are tailored to their unique business needs and objectives.



OS Commerce is one of the most comprehensive and popular open source Shopping Cart systems in existence today. It is a free online shopping program that comes with a numerous features which can be utilized and exploited to their fullest extent to make any website look great.

OS Commerce offers a viable free platform and a host of other similar features that let its user carry out a number of different tasks simultaneously which includes managing products, orders, customer queries and other similar issues.


This platform features one of the most versatile shopping cart solutions offering a vast range of customization choices for the online storefront owners depending on their specific needs and requirements.




CS cart is an advanced tool and an online shopping cart solution which is created to infuse all important features and functionalities, required to run an online business smoothly. This powerful and effective shopping cart software is written using open source technologies like PHP / MYSQL and smarty.

This platform is fully customized shopping cart software which delivers a lot of scope for its users. Via this platform you can easily customize your online store using its various powerful features to design your own internet shop. It features all the necessary functionality needed to create successful online businesses such as product pages, buttons, colors, headers, page content, product info and many more.


Zen Cart is PHP-based open source online store management system using a MySQL database and HTML components. Zen cart is often considered as the most user friendly open source e-commerce tool on the web which also has an effective content management system. This platform is completely free for its users.

This shopping cart solution is massively used all over the world because of its functionalities, design and developmental elements. Zen cart delivers a fresh architecture style with several add-on features, making it one of the best CMS developing applications.


Apart from these platforms though there are several other platforms on open source ecommerce platforms which can be chosen as well. But the good part with open source is that there is minimal or say no cost included because the frameworks are freely available. The other important thing is the flexibility which is included in these platforms which makes them so unique and customer friendly.