Using Website Metrics to Boost Online Marketing

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Deepak Tiwari

I am associated with CYBERMOUNT Solutions as the Director of Strategic Marketing in IT. My role includes business expansions & testing new industry verticals associated with IT domain. I have an experience of 5 years in international marketing for various business organizations & currently I am working as an entrepreneur in the IT segment. Besides working on strategic alliances & partnerships, I also work as an independent author/writer pouring my thoughts on future technology adoptions on web design & development.

It’s very important for you to know how your online marketing strategy is working, which areas you have to work upon and what steps you need to take accordingly. For all these things you have to complete evaluate the website metrics and analyze it sharply. These metrics are able to highlight all the important areas of your website, blog with respect to the online marketing program and then you can easily conclude what needs to be done additionally over the website with regards to tweaking or other measures.

Understanding the metrics can help you identify big issues like slow timing, inconsistent search phrase, incorrect definitions and wrong audience. And that’s how you are able to successfully avoid wasting your time & money due to a poorly organized online marketing campaign.

Now here what matters the most is, how well you are in identifying the key metrics and which all parameters have to be evaluated consistently to maintain an effective online marketing and also to uplift it. Following are the important metrics on which you need to concentrate.

The Metrics on Google (Google Adwords)


The Adwords comes along with some of the important parameters that need to be worked upon.

  • Click Through Rate (CTR): This is actually the percentage of people who click over your online advertisement. So if the CTR is 1 percent, it means that out of every 100 people (who are able to see your advertisement) 1 person is actually clicking on your Ad.
  • The Average Position: It tells about the average position of an ad over a webpage. Normally the positions of 3 to 5 over the page are considered as best.
  • Impressions: This basically tells about the number of ad displays over webpage. The higher the number of displays, the better it is for generating business.
  • Conversion Rate: This is the rate at which the potential visitors are converted into actual buyers. This percentage is always critical for an effective online marketing plan.
  • Bounce Rate: This is the percentage of people who although clicked your ad and also came on your landing page, but did not go further (did not explore other pages). The lower the bounce rate, the better it is for business.


 The Metrics on Email

While conducting an email campaign, so are so many metrics to be observed, however some of them are really needed to be assessed and worked upon.

Clicks  The number of recipients who clicked on your offers
Bounces The number of times your email is bouncing back because of wrong address
Non responders The number of recipients who did not open your email
Forwards The number of recipients who passed your email along to someone else


The Metrics over Website & Blog

This metrics can be tallied with the help of Google Analytics which supplies very vital information. Some of the key points which we can identify are…

Total Visits The total number of ‘first time visitors’ and ‘unique visitors’
Popular pages Details of those pages which receive most of the online traffic
Leads The prospect visitors who sent a query for a product or service
Search engine key phrases The top phrases people used to reach your site or landing page
Geographic locations Details of the visitors location wise
Page rank One of the factors in determining the web page’s strength in search
Number of inbound links Links from other sites that point to your site or specific pages
Referring websites The number of other websites that referred people to your site