How to start e-commerce business in india

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Rajdeep Singh

I am associated with CYBERMOUNT Solutions as the Managing Director of the company. My role includes checking the current levels of demand and supply in the online market with respect to web design and development services. I have been working as an entrepreneur in the fields of manufacturing and IT for past 12 years. My current objective is to set the CYBERMOUNT brand on global platform. Besides this, I am also working as an independent author/writer in the context of current online services available in the market.

E commerce is the future of tomorrow as it is the time to expand your horizons globally. It is the time where one who is smart enough can only be a entrepreneur of tomorrow.we all live in a world of materialistic desires where everybody wants to choose the easy to click window for shopping products at one place with high exclusive branding. Hence criteria to go ahead in life for a entrepreneur is looking after his customers with vulture eyes such that he and his clients will get major benefit.

But how how how ????? That’s most important

e commerce can be the very good option to be a leader of tomorrow by being commutable to people in India at every place and every corner .

The Basic start plan for e commerce entry begins with few basic steps which will benefit people in setting up highest standards …. steps to start are
1 survey of the market and product selection : survey of the market is required if we are looking for something new to put in short period of time and first time at this platform. But if we are into expansion of our business we can directly plan business plan for online trading at first. It includes the product high in demand and understanding the nature and preference of the customers . The traffic and the graph stats of different commodities will brief you with much of the handy data and give you a rough outline of what to start …….

2. Business module or plan : To start business one should be having a plan ready with all the possibilities of its success and it’s failures. It will be the first step towards your goal because shrewd planning will make up a good start for tomorrow. Plan includes all the details of budget required. Then about team ?????who all will be the team associates because person without his team is like a empty vessel …. it goes with a saying that alone we can grow but together we can lead . …..then comes it’s profit and contingency plans if it won’t runs as per expectation because all business require at least 1 year start up time and then from 2 year one can think of minimal profits and then gradually for high gains ……after break even is attained
3. E commerce website development: it can be the next option to come online as a trader by launching a e commerce website developed in a manner which is customer friendly and direct you to easy hassle free options for everything from visiting to buying as if we think of amazon as a example where we have huge list of products their product quality and key features and the site will direct you as per your budget and requirement …. branding is most important to gain the goodwill and trust of the customers because customer don’t know you he knows your product and your site …. which will make your credibility in online marketing …. in a manner such that site must be very attractive and must be tempting to attract customers. Then only you will be known by your site and product which will become your identification marks at this online e commerce platform.

4 Data bank of customers: Next comes the data bank of exclusive clients who can visit these sites and can shop in one go .some customers are known and some can be make known by retrieving Data from data bank. Now proper approach through mails that seems to be very authentic will help you to make categories of your customers as per requirement and there mode of purchasing ….data of known ones is with us … but how to approach the unknown ones ????that could be possible if we get there online mail address as our data bank …. because our target will be the unknown ones where relationship is yet to build up .

5 Opening a account : opening the account is very important to start and flourish in business as then account will be credited through proper channel through selection of proper mode of payment .selection of bank is important and type of account needs to be considered before .cyber attacks are major problems of few customers opting for online trading thus it should be secured by all means.

6 Payment gateway : it is very important to develop a system of payment Gateway for our esteemed customers to give easy to pay option directly in few seconds. The gateway will be such that it is beneficial for the media partners and the trader himself . Options must be given for online payment through visa , PayPal etc and also cash on delivery must be given considering and also cutting just 1 percent at the delivery time if it is the negligence at customers end and nothing if it is at traders end …. because customers go and opt online option at times just for fun to bring out the sincerity, the logistics speaks up to extract the money who are not taking the product wen they are availing cash on delivery option so that company can cover the expense…. at the delivery end .

7 Doing all the Registrations :Next is to get all the registrations and get the approval for online trading because then it will completely legal to start off. As one can be in problem if it does not has proper registration required to start online trading and authenticity will be in big trouble ….a person having a good knowledge of cyber law can be of great help.

8 Tax submission: then it is the time to decide after getting your company registered to look up for tax which will be generated on the commodities you choose to sell. Giving tax at proper time is important for proper running of your trade .Before that needs to decide the category and type of it which will be levied …..again for that also needs to look for some expert some known charted accountant …

9 Offers at the starting : some attractive offers will be the very nice beginning to start as customers get attracted in groups if they get hefty offers because people when they get diamonds at the rate of peanuts then people flock and get attracted for better bargain.initially we need to provide better rates of product to attract maximum number of clients … that they become are regular ones.
10 Marketing : marketing through proper channel and keeping a keen and shrewd vision on the traffic generated we can make a proper marketing strategy that will be through YouTube, Facebook etc but the key to it is the product must be different from others and bring out the quality in hand. Here comes the role of our research work which we did prior for the selection of product.
11 Grievance cell: customer always need support to solve the grievance of his problems either related to site or related to product …. but he wants complete response round the clock as a back and support team . This could be managed by HR department .Here it is important to understand who all will be best for this purpose as the person needs to be soft and patient while understanding the problems of clients …and can have a handy psychometric analysis of client for future use.
12 Bring out the difference: to bring out the difference customer has to be clever enough to take feedback through calls and if something wrong happens needs to keep a check and sort it out earnestly . Because what others are not doing we have to do to bring out the difference then only we will be the leaders of tomorrow. We have to bring out the emotions of the person and build up his connection with product and ultimately with the trader.
13 Keeping reminders : we Indians are emotional by nature so if traders manage our emotions to knock out then we can reach to greater heights with minimal efforts , thus the thing is if we can make a record of customers birthday and anniversary and make out a plan to make their good times memorable…. we can click it .again it is managing your data bank.
14 About to launch : Next comes your full throttle and plan directory to let it go in your most creative and heart touching style. Why to wait???? ……get it launched soon …. go ahead

In India it is hardly a touched territory as the traffic in India through e commerce is just 29 percent so it’s time to widen your business and make a expansion as early as possible to be a leader so that boundaries will not be the problem for you ….. so launch it with a bang ??????????’