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Rajdeep Singh

I am associated with CYBERMOUNT Solutions as the Managing Director of the company. My role includes checking the current levels of demand and supply in the online market with respect to web design and development services. I have been working as an entrepreneur in the fields of manufacturing and IT for past 12 years. My current objective is to set the CYBERMOUNT brand on global platform. Besides this, I am also working as an independent author/writer in the context of current online services available in the market.

No, I am not web designer! Strange to know..???
A vast experience of around 8 years of fucking my mind with many web designers has made me learn the key facts to be a matchless web designer (mind you, i am not talking about technical skills here).

And that’s all I am going to do here, yes! you guessed it right. I am going to share my experience in the arena of web design, which will help you to bring out your thoughts and ideas which will eventually transform you into a matchless web designer.

Go read on!

This article is dedicated to one of my colleague who worked with me for 3 years. Left me for some personal reasons. And after few months joined another company as a web designer.

Now the problem arises, being a mentor/guardian I always helped in designing any website. But presently being a sole web designer in a present company is not a easy task for my friend.

The Problem

My friend is still confused? But why is my colleague still confused?

After having an experience of 3 years as a web designer, confused for what? Read carefully

  • What is the goal of a website?
  • How to define a goal?
  • What is client looking at?
  • How and what to think while making a website?
  • How to speak to a client/senior?
  • How and what all section and features to include while planning a website?
  • How to recommend these features to a client with logical reasons?
  • How to appreciate a client?
  • How to criticize the senior/client with the logical reasons?
  • What language to use while communicating to a senior English or Hindi?
  • How to gesture seniors?

Now as a web designer you might think, why do you need to possess above qualities…

My friend, did you carefully read the title of this blog? No, then please leave this topic. This is not meant for you. And if you are still on, that means you are reading my blog to be a matchless web designer not just a web designer.

The Solution

Dear Web Designer, you may be competent with many different skills and technologies. You may be a best, what they say is, xHTML converter and PSD designer and may be you are an expert in handling Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and other professional tools. Beyond using these technologies & soft-wares you need to posses some of the fundamental knowledge, soft skills, understanding of the different domains(business verticals) and latest industry updates.

I promise you guys its not tough to gain the above knowledge to keep up with the pace, just be open minded.


Ofcourse you need to have passion and love towards your work and If you have passion you will never see what the conditions are. You will familiarize yourself with the conditions and only look forward to achieve your goal to become a smart and incomparable web designer.

And mind you again without these you can be a web designer but not a smart and matchless web designer. So lets continue with the basic steps you must follow:

Step 1) Be a good listener.

Step 2) Be a thinker (improve yourself in this area, as much as you can. think positive of every incident. as you are a designer now, you must think from the point of view of a website visitor not from your prospective). Always remember whatever you think keep writing in a diary, this will help you while you are up with next step.

Step 3) Be a good communicator, which I think many of you are weak in; specially when it comes to work. yes i m sure with friends you are a good communicator and a active Facebook user who frequently comment (yaar, how do you write beautiful comments for your friends?) as well, because it does not requires thinking. Once your step 2 is complete you must express yourself in the best possible manner. Speak in any language may be Hindi or German and explain your plans & ideas in a better way. try to include some examples if possible for you, it will create interest in listening. do not think that English is compulsory to be a good communicator. The most important part is to make other person understand your point of view.

Step 4) Be a criticizer, but with the valid & logical reasons.

Step 5) Be proactive, this keeps your senior/client engaged with you throughout the process life-cycle.

Step 6) Above all, be ethical and transparent. If you can’t do a certain job never mess up with the things. Only do what you are best in.

Always remember critics can make you improve…so never take my critics in negative shapes.

To be a good designer first of all you must possess all above qualities. Because if you are not able to understand a person’s prospective, how will you define his goals how will you come up with right idea about what your senior/client actually requires. Once you listen the requirements properly, probably you are on the right track and if you think on the right way, that means you are half the way done. Once you are clear with your thoughts you need to communicate well in a language (comfortable for you) to explain your thoughts to your senior/client. And yes criticize the faults in a respectful manner and with a logical reason too. But be careful criticism must be done only if you are sure about certain points.

There are many guides, inspirational articles and other helpful resources which I shall be sharing with you week after week.

If you can follow the above steps, I assure you will soon see yourself in the category of elite, smart & matchless website designer. If not you will always remain a web designer. You might earn money but you will never stand-out of crowd.

My ultimate goal to write such an article is to elevate young and upcoming web designers and help them create an identity in corporate world and become a best of person as well…

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