The Marketing Mix of Content

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Rajdeep Singh

I am associated with CYBERMOUNT Solutions as the Managing Director of the company. My role includes checking the current levels of demand and supply in the online market with respect to web design and development services. I have been working as an entrepreneur in the fields of manufacturing and IT for past 12 years. My current objective is to set the CYBERMOUNT brand on global platform. Besides this, I am also working as an independent author/writer in the context of current online services available in the market.

As everybody knows very well that how important a content has become in today’s world, this automatically makes us quite conscious as how the content can be utilized to fetch its maximum worth. For that purpose, you need to know the exact marketing mix for the content which comprises of the following points.

  • The Product
  • The Brand
  • The Lifestyle
  • The Community


The product has to be given one of the main priorities while writing the content as here the entire face of the product is displayed along with the features, the benefits, the comparisons and the contrasts. You have to explain that to whom, what, when, where and how of what you are selling. You also have to jot down that the content should be product specific. For example if you writing for a restaurant than the content should entail about various kinds of delicious dishes, if it’s about a doctor than the content should focus on health care and medicines. You also have to ensure a timely posting of your product specific posting.


The posts which are considering the brand also relate to the product (though indirectly). The brand connection develops the emotional bond with the customer. Here exactly the features and key specifications of a product are not much targeted, but instead how the brand is going to serve its clients is more focused and understood. These category of posts helps to answer as how the problems of a customer are resolved with so much ease. Brand content is always focused on the emotional connectivity with the client who creates more trust and loyalty. And moreover, your clients are now personally attached with your product.


These categories of posts are however not directly related with the products but they cover a lot of important information about clients with regards to their habits, behavior, lifestyle and culture. These posts help you a lot in knowing that what else is exactly going in your customer’s minds. You need to keep your lifestyle post simple until and unless you are expert writer in it. At times you can start posting these kinds of write ups.


This category of post specifically focuses on the customers and audience highlighting different customer stories, ideas, feedback and lifestyles. The community posts are very beneficial in attracting your clients for perspectives for an effective branding.  These kinds of posts certainly empower your customers to be involved with the brand which ultimately results in strong relationship building.