Top 6 wordpress social sharing plugins to supercharge your social marketing!

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Rajdeep Singh

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Social media rocks! Well, we think no one will have any kind of doubt about this. People use social media like hell these days. Every individual; irrespective of age and sex is hooked up onto social networks for most times in a day….and also nights.

Social platforms have become the soul of marketing these days and hence, the need for improving your social presence to spread the word about your brand has become imperative. With WordPress providing loads of options for obtaining a responsive, functionally brilliant and interactive website, it has become the most preferred platform these days for businesses and bloggers. Moreover, WordPress provides social sharing plugins that can act as value boosters for websites and aid their internet marketing endeavors.

It has been observed by webmasters that most users consider reading any content, based on what their friends recommend. This is where social sharing comes into play. With these plugins, you provide your users with the ability of sharing content within their networks and thus boost your visibility. This will eventually result in more traffic to your site and also an enhanced page rank. So now you understand the motto of this blog post? Yes, you guessed right. Its to share with you 6 important WordPress plugins that can immensely improve your social sharing. No, we are not going to recommend you Addthis or Sharethis plugins as is the usual case, because, we think that there are some other amazing ones that need a glance. So lets get cracking…

Ultimate social media and share icons

This plugin has gained lot of popularity. Being a free plugin, it does not compromise in any way with regards to features. You gain the ability of adding icons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Email and RSS. Moreover, the options in terms of design are also wide. You can also make a sticky or floating icon depending on choice. You can also animate these icons so as to gain attention of visitors, allow subscriptions, add counts, display pop-ups and customize according to likes. Ufff…isn’t this quite too much. Well, that is exactly the reason for this plugin topping our list.

Super Socializer

When you need complete packages with amazing social sharing features, nothing can beat Super Socializer. Along with sharing, this plugin allows commenting, login and feeds along with other important and useful features. It renders users with the ability of sharing your content socially. Users can login onto your websites or blogs with their own social accounts. Moreover, it is absolutely free. What else do you need?


These share buttons display count of total shares for Twitter and Facebook your received. The clean and beautifully designed buttons are available on the end and top of your blog posts. These allow you to obtain best feedback from your users. This activity helps you to find ways of improving your website. Most amazing feature of this plugin is that it works perfect with all themes.

Acurax Social media Widget

A simple and easy to install plugin is what Acurax social media widget stands for. Adding widgets has been never so easy for linking social icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, RSS and others for social profiles. Icons can appear on your sidebar with the use of this widget. Configuring the interface is extremely easy and customization of style, reorder and size of icons is possible. Further, selection of varied sizes and themes of widgets is allowed.

Social Media Feather

As per its name, this plugin is lightweight, modern, yet an option that provides icons and buttons for social sharing. Moreover, it is extremely easy to set up on your site. Support for high resolution and retina displays is its forte. Most importantly, it does not slow down loading time. Your are granted the ease of customizing URLs and titles. The skins available can be easily customized with amazingly cool effects such as greying out and fading.

Floating Social Bar

One more lightweight plugin for WordPress that renders a horizontal sharing bar that floats on your pages or blog posts. The floating feature makes this plugin quite attractive and visitors to your site are easily drawn towards it. It is quite fast and slim and allows drag-and-drop buttons for display. It also loads scripts as and when needed.

So now you see how wonderful WordPress is. It renders you with the exceptional ability of extending functionality by installing plugins. So its end to messing around with core WordPress files, as the plugins easily achieve similar feats. With social media ruling the roost as we mentioned at the top, these plugins are like a gift from WordPress to engage your users and eventually lead to better revenues.

As has always been the case, we are always ready to help when you need us. So if you need further guidance for installing these WordPress plugins or any other aid related to improvement of social sharing, connect with us HERE.