Virtual Hiring

Virtual hiring refers to the simple concept of outsourcing projects to a virtual staff, without having to worry about the facilities and infrastructure needed to accommodate these resources. Around the western world, Outsourcing has certainly simplified things for businesses.

Our Solutions

Cybermount understands and values your technical requirements which are met with cost-effective strategies.

Virtual hiring has opened the doors to a wider access to talent and skills and that too at affordable rates.

Our technicians are known to be the dexters in their respective fields from which you can hire web designers, seo experts, dedicated content writers, web developers as in php web developers, asp developers, developers, joomla web developers and wordpress developers, etc. You can hire a full time or part time individual or a virtual team as per your requirements.

We give you a full assurance that you can manage your projects and your team dedicated to you without any worries of infrastructure, recruitment, retention and administration.

Screening on your own terms

You can screen and select a particular individual or a team exclusively on the basis of requirement which can result in a perfect mix to draw a appropriate results.

Time management

We value your efforts and time you contribute and that’s why we follow a “round the clock” working culture which entirely works on customer satisfaction principals.

Cost effectiveness

We are providing a perfect match of man power and investment mantras which in turn gives you an unprecedented profitability and growth.

Flexible timings

Flexible as per your locational requirements, except saturdays, sunday and Indian holidays / major festivals.

Working Hours

We assure a minimum of 160 hours of work per month by our expertise.